Pokemon GO: Legendaries and PvP confirmed for this summer

Niantic is now well-aware that Pokemon GO players are desperately waiting for the addition on Legendary Pokemon and PvP Battles. It’s something they’ve promised for quite a time now, and all signs point to an imminent arrival of these two upcoming features.

In an interview with OGlobo, Niantic VP of Strategic Partnerships Mathieu de Fayet confirmed that we should expect during summer proper announcements for the addition of Legendary Pokémon and PvP Battles in Pokémon GO. Read the excerpt below.


This statement comes a few days after Archit Bhargava revived hope of fans by throwing a brief but impactful speech during a prize acceptance at the 21st Annual Webby Awards ceremony: “This summer will be legendary”. These two clear signs are not an official announcement, but let’s be honest, the Legendaries are coming.

“Because of the huge success, we had to delay some planned news. Now, we are working in announcing new updates for this summer (Northern Hemisphere), like giving more value to the choice of teams, launching Legendary Pokémon and battles between the players. One thing which we learned with ‘Ingress’ is that the game sustains itself if we are capable to create social interactions between the trainers, and we are working on that.”



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