An Official Splatoon 2 headset for Switch is coming to Japan

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account revealed an official Splatoon 2 headset to come along with the game at release (July 21st). This accessory manufactured by HORI will activate the voice chat option in Splatoon 2, but it won’t be as handy as you’d think. In fact, you’ll have to pair the headset to both your Switch and an upcoming smartphone app – via a Squid-shaped adaptor – to be able to hear sound and speak while in-game.

The official Nintendo explanation is that it results in better quality audio input and output compared to a setup where you’re just using your smartphone and no headset. But it comes at the price of a lengthy 3-cables setup, and the obligation to stay close to your Switch (or your audio output) if you ever want to play on TV.

The official Splatoon 2 headset will be sold for a price of 3480 Yen. While it’s not confirmed yet for a release outside Japan, there’s little doubt we’ll se this new headset come in our stores.


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