Fire Emblem Warriors: new characters, story, mechanics and screenshots

Announced back in January during a Nintendo Direct stream, Omega Force’s upcoming spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors is due this autumn on Switch and New 3DS. And just as its name and developer hint at, this title will be a “Musou” in the vein of Dynasty Warriors.

So far, all we’ve seen of the game was an extended gameplay trailer from Nintendo, that we’ve put below as a reminder. But today, there’s waaaay more! The latest issue of Famitsu magazine features a lengthy piece highlighting Fire Emblem Warriors’ protagonists, main story and mechanics, all coated with some high-def images. You’ll find everything below after the trailer.

Publisher Koei Tecmo also launched the official website and Twitter account of Fire Emblem Warriors.


New characters and Story

Fire Emblem Warriors will have two original protagonists, Shion (voiced by Yuma Uchida) and Lian (voiced by Maaya Uchida), twins from the Kingdom of Aitriss. They are the children of Queen Yuana (voiced by Yuka Nagayoshi). Shion is the royal heir of the Kingdom but he aspires to be a knight who fights on the frontlines rather than a king. Therefore, he encourages his older twin sister Lian to inherit the throne. On the other side, Lian is clever and understanding of her own faults. The thing is, she has no desire to inherit the throne either, so she encourages Shion to become king.

After Shion and Lian’s father – the King of Aitriss – died of illness, the Kingdom was left without a ruler for a long period of time. Thanks to the aid of the neighbouring kingdom of Guston, inhabitants were able to leave in harmony. Sadly, the peace comes to an abrupt end after monsters form another dimension appear through the “Gates of the Other World” and try to take over the Kingdom. This is where our story begins…

Shion and Lian, who have only known peace until now, find themselves attacked by those monsters and are separated from their mother Yuana. The siblings escape the royal castle blazed in flames thanks to Darios (voiced by Takuya Satou), the Prince from Kingdom of Guston who was visiting. Luckily, Yuana was able to bestow the Fire Shield upon them. Armed with this powerful heritage and the help of Darios, Shion and Lian embark on a journey to reclaim their throne and bring back peace to the Kingdom of Aitriss.


  • Characters from other FE games will be playable: Marth and Chrom confirmed so far
  • Other playable characters will have various weapons and classes (archers, mages, cavaliers, etc)
  • You can switch characters directly on the battlefield to take advantage of their different classes
  • Class Bonus Damage balance system available (ex. Pegasus Knights > Archers)
  • Weapon Triangle technical system available (Swords > Axes > Lances > Swords)
  • The Fire Shield will grant special powers but no details given
  • Bond Conversations are also here, they’ll range from serious to light exchanges between characters
  • No marriage nor love as a result of friendship
Other infos
  • Development is at 70% completed
  • There will be a huge, fully voiced script
  • Developers want to do a “Musou game that Fire Emblem fans would enjoy”
  • Developers didn’t want to bring all characters from Fire Emblem games, because everyone would be using a sword if they did that

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