Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) teased a new IP for Switch

While many of us are still waiting for more news on Super Meat Boy Forever (which might come to Switch), Edmund McMillen – creator of the franchise – just teased a short video of a secret project on his Twitter account. This next game is apparently getting a full reveal trailer by next week, ahead of E3. And yes, it’s slated for a release on Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Edmund McMillen took a few minutes to answer fans’ questions. Here’s the interesting stuff:

  • Not a sequel of Gish, Binding of Isaac, Time Fuck or Super Meat Boy… a totally new IP!
  • Action-platform genre, not Rogue-like
  • Priced at $15
  • Out before August, apparently in July
  • Great replay ability, like Binding of Isaac or Super Meat Boy
  • Apparently hard
  • Loads of achievements
  • Contains a progression system
  • Could be related to Øuroboros
  • Not more story-oriented than previous games
  • Contains references to Edmund McMillen
  • And possibly references to Back To The Future (huh?)
  • Music done by Ridiculon

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