ARMS: A closer look at the Grand Prix final boss

As we’re getting closer to the next session of ARMS Global Testpunch (less than two days!), the Japanese ARMS Twitter account shared a new wave of promotional content. In addition to the kinda cool 3D-effect GIF showcasing the Trident weapon, Ninjara’s countdown to the next Testpunch and Min Min’s favourite Ramen bowl, Nintendo decided to unveil a little more of what seems to be the final boss of the Grand Prix story mode.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the face of the 6-armed fighter that will most likely be the final challenger in ARMS (mark 16:25, 19:50 and 19:55 in the ARMS Direct). This time, we also discover his spider emblem. The Japanese description in the tweet also shows how eager he seems to fight us. We better prepare ourselves with the last Testpunch sessions, June 16th is approaching…



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