PokéLand: a new Pokémon mobile game just landed in Japan

Given the overwhelmingly successful trend that Pokémon GO started all over the world, it was just a matter of months that we see other Pokémon titles complete the catalogue of mobile games. With Pokemon Magikarp Jump freshly released on our devices, The Pokémon Company is about to release a whole new game developed by Ambrella, and titled PokéLand.

Landing in the continuation of the Pokémon Rumble series, PokéLand is currently in a Android-only public alpha test phase in Japan. So if you live in the land of the rising sun, you have until June 9th to give it a go before the alpha closes. Here’s the link to the Play Store. During this preview, there are 134 Pokémon (1st Gen only) scattered around six unlockable islands and waiting to join your party. To help you catch ’em all, a special detector can be used once every 30 minutes.

And since a Pokémon game wouldn’t be the same without fights, PokéLand offers 52 stages and a 15-floor high Champion Tower. Special Pokémon Gears can be bought with P points in order to strengthen your team and deliver powerful attacks. In terms of gameplay, PokéLand is clearly in the vein of the Rumble series, with beat ’em all combats.

There are no info yet regarding a western release, but we would be surprise to not see it come to our devices in the weeks/months to come.

PokeLand Mobile Game


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