CAPCOM won’t restock the Monster Hunter XX Switch Bundle

Bad news… Capcom announced the other day that a Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. Special Packhardware bundle would be sold in Japan for 36,280 Yen ($326 / £255) when the game releases this August 25th. And without surprise, Japanese players literally rushed to the online Capcom Store to pre-order the hardware. In just 100 minutes, it was sold out.

That wouldn’t be a problem if we knew that Capcom has plans to restock the bundle in the future, but a fan reached the developer, and sadly there are no plans to do so at the time. Which also confirms that this Monster Hunter XX for Switch bundle probably won’t make it to the west. Let’s not loose hope and wait for a possible surprise at E3. But if that’s the case, the only solution would be to turn to import.


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