How to play the ARMS Global Testpunch anytime you want

Since May 26th, Nintendo is letting players try out the upcoming ARMS during one-hour-only sessions at selected times. A nice touch from BigN so we can get a test of what’s to come when the game releases on June 16th. But now that we’re halfway through the ARMS Global Testpunch, the need to extend that experience is starting to get under our skin. Some just settle for pre-ordering the game and waiting for its release. Others find workarounds to access the Global Testpunch between sessions.

Coming straight from Reddit user NefariousSquid, here’s a clever method to access the Warm Up mode accessible from online lobbies when you’re waiting an ARMS fight. The idea is to trick the Nintendo Switch settings in order to make the console think that you’re “kinda” offline. Don’t worry, it’s totally legal and safe for your system, and reversible.

The only pre-requirement is to have already played the ARMS Global Testpunch once, so you have a save data where you’ve gotten past the tutorial. This method will let you warm up for 2:30 min before kicking you out, but you can come back and play all you want, even in 2-players mode!

  1. On your Nintendo Switch, go to System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> [your network] -> Change Settings.
  2. Enable proxy settings, and change the server address to (or some other fake address).
  3. Save, then open the ARMS Global Testpunch.
  4. Select Party Match, select a character, then go to Warm-Up.

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