Dragon Quest XI: Off-screen pics and infos from Countdown Carnival

The Countdown Carnival is still rolling out for the week-end at Osaka and attendees can have the privilege to get a hand-on session with the upcoming RPG, Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, on both PS4 and 3DS versions. A perfect occasion to get a new look at off-screen images, and complete the first gameplay footage we’ve seen during yesterday’s live stream from Square-Enix.

During the event, players can either roaming free during the beginning of the game, test their strength in a combat with a Descopion, or attend a Horseback race in Castle Town. The guys at 4Gamer were able to test every option, and they shared their impressions, along with some interesting new infos. Here is what’s to remember from this gameplay session:

  • The 3DS version of DQXI has both 3D (top screen) and 2D (bottom3DS circle  screen)
  • You can either use the Circle Pad to control characters using the 3D top screen, or the D-Pad while using the 2D bottom screen
  • Dialogue texts can be displayed in the upper or lower screen depending on how you control your characters
  • Hidden objects (ex. treasure behind a waterfall) can’t be seen in the 3D view, only in the 2D view
  • Cut scenes are shown in both 3D and 2D, each on their respective screen
  • At one point in the game, you’ll have to choose between the two views (can be changed in the options)
  • At the beginning of DQXI’s story, our main character turned 16 and must perform an important ceremony at a place called “God’s Rock”
  • The desert stage (seen in Square-Enix live stream) is called “Samadhi”
  • The draw distance on PS4 is quite far, we can even see a volcano on the horizon (new region?)
  • The Samadhi desert itself is huge, so you can call your horse to reach your destination faster
  • Camera can be switched between “Free Movement” and “Auto” modes.

The Dragon Quest XI Countdown Carnival will be held in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Tokyo as well in the days to come. We can expect more footage and infos from these events.

Dragon Quest XI releases this July 29th on 3DS (Japan).

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