Capcom brings Monster Hunter XX to Switch

Just as we expected from hints given by Producer Shintaro Kojima, Capcom is bringing the action-RPG franchise Monster Hunter to Nintendo Switch. And with little surprise, it will be a special edition of Monster Hunter XX, once again. The announcement was made through the Twitter account of Monster Hunter, with a teaser website.

Monster Hunter XX (pronounced “Double Cross”) is an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations that was released on 3DS back in March. It features the same gameplay mechanics as Generations (ex. special attacks, combat styles, play as Felynes) and adds plenty of new quests, skins, weapons and armours based on collaborations with other franchises (Zelda, Strider, Detective Conan, etc).

More informations on Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will be shared during the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 on Saturday (at least the Japanese release date) and probably also at E3.



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