Great Ace Attorney 2: second case infos, scans and production notes video

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series continues to live on after 15 years of successful “Objections!” and case solved with Capcom’s upcoming 3DS title The Great Ace Attorney 2. A new addition to the franchise that was properly introduced last month during a 15th Anniversary Commemoration live stream, with story details, a trailer, gameplay footage, a web demo that you can try out right now, and infos on special editions and purchase bonuses. But that’s not all!

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reserved a triple-feature of The Great Ace Attorney 2, covering new screenshots and informations on the second case of the game. You’ll find all the details translated below, and we’ve shared the scans of the magazine as well if you want to take a look at the in-game screens.

  • The second case takes place before Sōseki Natsume (the main suspect) returns to Japan
  • The victim of this case was a fellow lodger staying in the Garridebs’ apartment, like Sōseki
  • The two were known to get into arguments over the finer points of Shakespeare
  • Sōseki made the tea that seems to have poisoned the victim, so when he found his body, he was arrested
  • According to Sōseki, the place is cursed, which is part of why Holmes takes the case
  • Holmes uses a rather new technique during his investigation, dusting for fingerprints
  • Decago Meterman is one of the witnesses in the trial
  • Ryūnosuke Naruhodō spots him during the investigation trying to peek into the flat through a bricked window

In addition, the Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 (name of the game in Japanese) official website received an update with art of four characters (Susato, Iris, Barok, and Decargo). And as a last surprise, the Capcom Channel as put up a production notes video, giving us an inside look at the recording of tapdancer Yan Rin performing motion capture and percussion for the game.


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