Battle Sports Mekuru coming to the West this Summer

Presented as “Project Mekuru” during a panel at GDC 2017, Over Fence’s next competitive multiplayer game Battle Sports Mekuru is slated to hit the Japanese Switch eShop this month. And good news, the title will make it to the West this Summer. The announcement was made by Designer Senri Tsunokawa during an interview with USgamer.

Project Mekuru is a tile-flipping multiplayer game, where up to four player battle in stages floored with tiles. Each player has a defined colour, and needs to turn as much tiles as possible to his/her attributed colour by stomping the ground. Battles are a combination or rapidity, strategy, and pure fight with special items (ex. Speed UP, X-shaped flip).

You’ll find a gameplay video below to give you a better view of the game’s fun potential.



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