Bloodstained development moves slow but steady

Producer Koji Igarashi has given an update on its metroidvania project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night during the BitSummit 2017 show in Kyoto. After shifting the development of the game from Wii U towards the new Nintendo Switch, Igarashi can now focus on moving forward in bringing the game to completion. And to be more precise on the state of development, he said that the game is roughly 20 to 30% finished.

Igarashi aknowledged that he needs to increase his pace if he wants to have Bloodstained complete for its release date (2018). But we should not worry, the Switch version is ported from PC through the Unreal Engine and most developers that work on Nintendo’s new hardware find it surprisingly easy to work with.

In recent news, developer Inti Creates and publisher 505 Games revealed three new characters that will support Miriam in her curse-lifting quest: Dominique Baldwin, Alfred and Anne Knolles.

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