Pokemon Magikarp Jump: gameplay footage & how to download the game

Let’s face it, Magikarp is probably the most pathetic Pokémon of all. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the least appreciated, on the contrary. Fans love to hate it and some celebrate its uselessness with the Magikarp Song. Even The Pokémon Company puts it on a pedestal with Pokémon GO’s last Water Festival, where players could encounter a Shiny Magikarp. And that’s not all, behold the new mobile game Pokemon: Magikarp Jump.

Starting to roll out as we write these lines, Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is GameFreak’s new Tamagotchi-like. In this game, you have to catch a Magikarp, take care of it and train it for a jump competition. Simple and stupid, so totally addictive. It is already available in Italy and early players captured some gameplay footage (see below). At the moment, a release date for US and other countries in Europe is unclear.

Want to download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump even if you’re not in Italy?

If you don’t want to wait that GameFreak unlocks the game in your region, there’s always a way. On iOS, since Magikarp Jump is totally free, all you have to do is create and Italian iTunes account and go get your download. You’ll just need to refer an Italian address to create it (just use the address of a public place).

As for the Android version, the only way to have the game prior to its release on the Play Store is through an APK. However, there’s none available at the moment for this game. Guess we’ll have to wait a little more.


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