Layton’s Mystery Journey: infos on 1st episode of the Story

Studio Level-5 is taking a new step into the Professor Layton’s series with their upcoming puzzle game Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaires’ Conspiracy, due out on iOS/Android on July 20th worldwide and on 3DS this Fall. And ahead of release, Level-5 has shared new screenshots, characters and other details on the game’s first story part, called “Episode 1 – Clockwork Sweets”.

Story – Clockwork Sweets

One of the hands of the clock on the clock tower Big Ben, which is said to be a symbol of London, has been stolen. A police officer patrolling the area was able to confirm that the clock hand was safe as of around 11:50 p.m. the night before. It was discovered that the clock hand was missing at 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

The following day, Ambassador Melarco will visit London from a neighboring country. At that time, he is to scheduled to receive a pendant that resembles Big Ben as proof of goodwill. However, if Big Ben is not in its complete state at that time, it will affect the country’s good name. That being said, the clock hand must be recovered before the press conference begins. It is at the scene of the crime that Scotland Yard inspector Aspoiro requests that Katrielle investigates the incident.


In Layton’s Mystery Journey, Katrielle – the daughter of the one and only Pr Hershel Layton – will investigate the Millionaires’ Conspiracy. And just like the name refers to, these are a group of characters calling themselves the Seven Millionaires of London. Level-5 has lifted the veil on two of those millionaires.

  • Ridley Fremens: The mayor of London, succeeding her father as one of the millionaires. As a politician, she is tough and respects order, but seems to be restraining herself. At the beginning of this episode, she plans to liven up the London “Riverside Festival”.
  • Clerk Gospec: A 65 years-old multi-millionaire living in London. He’s the manager of recreational facilities such as movie venues, like The Rabbit Star Theater that belongs to Gospec’s company. After hearing a rumor from Fremens, he takes interest in Katrielle and requests that she investigates an incident that occurred in his theater.

Level-5 also introduced the Yanchatta Brothers, who aren’t Millionaires but important characters that appear in the first Story Episode. The 27 year-old twins are Marc, a mechanic on Big Ben, and Reggie, a confectioner at London’s Yanchatta Confectionery.

Puzzles, Exploration and Mini-Games

All of the puzzles that appear in Layton’s Mystery Journey are original in the series. Here are some puzzles that will appear in “Episode 1 – Clockwork Sweets”.

As you explore more and more of London, you’ll find yourself in the need of investigating suspicious places and gather clues with a magnifying glass. If you examine an area where the magnifying glass changes to orange, you can either zoom to find clues, find hidden collectibles, talk to residents, use Hint Coins or reveal puzzles. You will need a certain number of investigation points to progress the story.

Layton’s Mystery Journey features a new mini-game called “The Ideal Dinner”: listen to the requests of clients, figure their likes by getting information, and provide the client with their ideal dinner course of hors d’oeuvres, soup, main and dessert. The clients and cookery available to you will increase as you progress through the story.



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