When amiibo scarcity leads to custom made Zelda amiibo Cards

As most of amiibo collectors may know, completing a full set or even grabbing a “rare-because-of-those-fucking-scalpers” figurine resold at outrageous prices can often be a hassle. This is why some players resigned to bending the system and come up with their own solution by making (and even sometimes selling) custom and unofficial Zelda amiibo cards.

If you think about it, creating your own NFC-powered card isn’t that hard… if you put aside the fact that it is clearly ILLEGAL and the Nintendo ninjas will come and get you. But supposedly, you’d just need to come up with a homemade piece of software to write Nintendo’s amiibo data on cheap genuine cards and then customise them with your choice of design.

These bad babies are already on the Chinese market (nope we’re not gonna say where), and despite all the risks, it is a running business that flourishes. Take for example this “candid” poll in the Breath of the Wild Reddit community, or these custom made Zelda amiibo cards:

Zelda amiibo Cards

You might hate the idea of buying from pirates, but when you’re faced with scalpers that take advantage of real amiibo’s scarcity by jacking up the prices, sometimes you might just fall for being just a click away from that sweet Fierce Diety set in BotW or these summoned heroes in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia. As for us, we’ll just stick to the official amiibo figures, nothing beats



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