Modder adds Sonic to the list of Mario Kart 8 racers

All those who’ve ever played a Mario Kart (so without a doubt ALL gamers who ever touched a Nintendo console) are aware that the racing game have always sticked exclusively to Nintendo characters. Miis and the Mercedes cars draw the limit of liberty given by BigN in terms of “exotic features”. But there’s a world beyond that, where racers and even tracks can be whatever we want, and this world is only reachable through modding.

In the latest creations from modders, CorBond87 is distinguishing himself with this one. He has added to the roster of Mario Kart 8 (Wii U version) racers the one and only character that makes all other ones too slow: Sonic the Hedgehog. This new challenger was swapped from the Metal Mario skin and although it’s still a work in progress (voices haven’t been changed) it’s pretty impressive!

This isn’t the first time that modders bring the fastest hedgehog into Mario Kart, the Wii version had the same treatment. And seeing the positive feedback from all the MK8 community, there’s a high demand for this kind of content to become official. Could we see one day a DLC bringing SEGA heroes in the Nintendo racer?

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