Zelda BotW: SOS Signal found in Divine Beasts music theme

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is filled with secrets and easter eggs. Some are rather easy to find and can be spotted by the average fan, others are much much better hidden and could even stay unfound for years. For example, fan and Reddit user Takfloyd spotted that all four Divine Beasts’ music themes contain something we wouldn’t expect to hear coming out of the guardians of Hyrule: the SOS distress signal.

We’ve put all four musics below, you can hear the signal easily in the first one (at the 00:15 mark). This is just a great secret that reflects how much detailed was poured into this masterpiece. It also started a whole theory around the existence of these Divine Beasts and what could really mean that signal, since there are other ways to interpret the sound than just morse code. If you’re interested in following the discussion or even have an idea on why we could find such thing in The Legend of Zelda universe, here’s the Reddit post.


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