Fire Emblem Heroes: new “Rite of Shadows” banner, infos and video

Nintendo continues to push new content into Fire Emblem Heroes, and they’ve shared today a trailer featuring the characters and story chapters to be introduced in the upcoming banner, called “Rite of Shadows”. So, who are these new heroes to join the battle next Monday?

This second set of characters comes from the freshly released 3DS game Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Some of you might be deceived to not see Saber, but don’t forget that Genny has the “Wrathful Staff 3” (Healers Attack/Magic is nerfed by half) and there are also the new tomes (Ragnarok is a Celica exclusive). The “Rite of Shadows” update also brings new paralogues and quests, here are all the details:

  • Celica – The Caring Princess (skills at 5★: Ragnarok / Blazing Light / Distant Def 3 / Spur Def 3)
  • Boey – The Skillful Survivor. (skills at 5★: Gronnowl+ / Ignis / Earth Boost 3 / Renewal 3)
  • Mae – The Bundle of Energy. (skills at 5★: Blarowl+ / Draw Back / Desperation 3 / B Tome Exp 3)
  • Genny – The Endearing Ally . (skills at 5★: Gravity / Physic / Heavenly Light 3 / Wrathful Staff 3)
  • Story Chapter: “Rite of Shadows”

And don’t forget that Ursula’s Grand Hero Battle Revival is still available until May 17th (details).


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