Ever Oasis: explore the Qarr Dunes and Bahar Hill in this gameplay trailer

Nintendo continues to promote Ever Oasis, Grezzo’s upcoming action-adventure RPG for 3DS, and to do so they’ve shared a two-minute gameplay video on their Japanese YouTube account. In it, we discover two areas that Tethu (the main character) and his friends will have to secure: the Qarr Dunes and Bahar Hill fields.

In just two minutes we don’t get to see that much, mostly exploration, some small enemies, merchants, what looks like a puzzle-filled dungeon, and hint at mystery places. It’s also good enough to feel the overall Mana-ish vibe that Koichi Ishii (creator of the series) infused in this new adventure.

Ever Oasis is slated for June 23rd on 3DS (North America & Europe).


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