tinyBuild isn’t ready to release Mr. Shifty’s optimization patch yet

Since the release of indie topdown shooter Mr Shifty on Switch, developer Team Shifty and tinyBuild have been working hard on a patch to fix stuttering and framerate issues. And last time we heard, the teams were rather confident in releasing the update this week. But apparently, things aren’t going as smoothly as expected, there’s good and bad news.

In a Reddit, tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik is giving fans a heads-up on this performance optimization patch. First, it’s confirmed that the development is done since last week and the last build shows solid framerates (see video below). However, there’s a problem to “pack it up” before distribution on the Switch update platform: size is too big and it blocks the process. tinyBuild guys are working on this last problem with the Unity team, we’ll let you know when the update is live.

Here’s an excerpt of Alex shared:

“The only problem is size. The patch is simply too big. This is because the Unity plugin we’re using for export is brand new, and tends to package in a bit too many unnecessary information, bloating the size. We’re working with Unity on this & doing tricks to reduce the size of the overall game.”


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