Dragon Quest XI: Mount System detailed

The Weekly Jump continues to deliver Dragon Quest XI content and today, the latest issue shares first infos on the mount system. A month ago, Square Enix hosted a special stream dedicated to the upcoming JPRG and gave first clues on this feature: “You can beat monsters and use them or their remains (ex. shells) to access high grounds in the level“. We now have more details about this.

In battle, defeated enemies will sometimes offer the possibility to mount them. When doing so, you’ll access places unreachable otherwise. There will also be terrain-based obstacles (boulders, etc) on the map that require a particular monster’s power. Here are two example of mounts shared by Weekly Jump:

  • Dragon Rider – Flying monster, perfect to travel to places you couldn’t reach by walking.
  • Skull Rider – Six-legged creature, used to climb up cliffs and dungeon walls.

The Japanese magazine also unveiled two new monsters that can be used as mounts:

  • Pearl Mobile – Machine made of a pearl-like metal, that releases numbing gas. You can ride them to leap to higher ground.
  • Bee Rider – Supergiant bees ridden by elite Ocobolt. Attack with a needle and lance. You can ride the bees to cross over lakes.



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