Splatoon 2 goes black & white with the new “Tataki Kensaki” clothing brand

If you’re the kind that loves to blast paint everywhere but don’t want to see a single drop of colour on you, life as an Inkling must be harsh. But fear not, Nintendo has thought of your poor black & white soul in Splatoon 2. Behold the new Tataki Kensaki clothes brand.

Named after its designer himself, the Tataki Kensaki clothing line is a celebration of monochromy. In total contrast with the flashy and colorful pop brands available so far in Splatoon 2, this brand emphasizes the black and the white. And, nothing, more. According to the Splatoon 2 Japanese Twitter account, that shared a GIF (here) to show its different styles, the “TK” fashion line has attracted the attention from a lot of urban young Inklings lately. A perfect way to express your difference, and we must say these are a rather cool looking set.


Splatoon 2 launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch next July 21st.

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