Fire Emblem Heroes: Ursula’s Grand Hero Battle is back

If you missed the opportunity add Ursula to your roster during the Fire Emblem Heroes: Grand Hero Battle event back in March, now’s your second chance! Nintendo is giving you a new opportunity to beat her in a Grand Hero Battle Revival available until May 17th at 7:59am UTC.

Just like the first event, this revival comes with extra rewards given by completing a new series of quests. In total, you can earn an additional copy of Ursula: Blue Crow (3★) and 3 Orbs. Here are the different ways to complete the quest (Win the Grand Hero Battle against Ursula: Blue Crow) and corresponding rewards:

  • With Anna on your team – 3★ Ursula
  • With Ursula: Blue Crow on your team – 1 Orb
  • Use Anna to defeat Ursula: Blue Crow – 1 Orb
  • Use your Ursula: Blue Crow to defeat a level 40 or higher Ursula: Blue Crow – 1 Orb



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