ARMS: Nintendo unveils a new arena called “Ribbon Ring”

The Japanese ARMS Twitter account has thrown a nice surprise this morning. Instead of revealing the usual alternate fighter costume and short footage of her/his signature weapon (yesterday was Master Mummy), Nintendo has apparently decided to aim higher and unveil a new stage: the Ribbon Ring.

This new arena is dedicated to Ribbon Girl, all pink and shiny from every corner, with big spotlights. There’s even a dance floor that can lift in multiple parts like a podium. A really interesting feature that will give a high ground advantage to whomever will take the opportunity to jump on it, or can just be used as a obstacle to rest a few seconds behind if you’re in a bad situation.

It’s also the first stage to be shown with an interactive part. In all the content that Nintendo has shared or videos from special events we’ve seen so far (like the NicoNico Chokaigi 2017 tournament), none other had any resembling feature. Which doesn’t necessarily means they don’t have one, just that we’ll probably have to discover those when ARMS comes out.

ARMS launches on Nintendo Switch this June 16th.



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