Fire Emblem Heroes update 1.3.0 – Arena Tier Rewards, Voting Gauntlet & Other changes

Fire Emblem Heroes received today the awaited Update 1.3.0, which implements deep changes to the Arena, the Voting Gauntlet and several other novelties that were mostly announced during last month’s Japanese live stream (all details here). Starting today, here are all the new content and modifications you’ll find in the mobile game:

  • Arena – Rank Rewards become Tier Rewards: players now receive rewards based on a tier system. The more victories you have, the higher you rank, and the more Orbs you’ll receive with each battle. However, each loss will make you fall down the rank (details in the picture below). Tier ranks will change at each end of season. Promotion was based before on the player’s high score, now it’s based on your rank within the tier.
  • Arena – Bonus Heroes now affect defense score: if a Bonus Hero is part of a successful defense, the score will be doubled.
  • Arena – New maps with “Terrain Effects”: these maps include defensive terrain, giving a damage reduction of 30% of Def or Res.


  • Voting Gauntlet – New rule: limited-time boost (x3) for the army fighting at a disadvantage. Affects both the total score of the army and each player’s personal score.

  • Training Tower – Difficulty adjustment: lvl of enemies appearing in 8th & 9th Strata have been updated.  Maps have also been changed.
  • General changes: Units can now be sorted by Hero Merit and SP.
  • General changes: Gameplay Tips on the loading screen.
  • General changes: fixed the “!” not showing in uncleared Special Maps & Event.

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