Dragon Quest XI: details on Zone mode and Link combat techniques

While we’re still awaiting news on the Switch version of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, the 3DS one is still in due course for July 29th in Japan. And of course, a western release for both still has to be confirmed. But in the meantime, Square Enix continues to unveil details on the game. Today they’ve updated the official website with 3DS/PS4 screenshots and more info on two combat systems called “Zone” and “Link”. Here’s everything, courtesy of Gematsu.

Zone Mode

According to Square Enix, this Zone battle system mode is one of the new powers in Dragon Quest XI. They describe it as a “state of heightened concentration that temporarily increases your combat ability“. This power also surrounds your body in a blue light. And by looking at it, we clearly know where they’ve got their inspiration from. Yep, the series chara designer Akira Toriyama brought the Supa Saiyajin in Dragon Quest.

So, how do you trigger this Zone mode? The protagonist and other party members enter (the) Zone when they’re attacked by an enemy. Nothing more said, but we assume there should be some specific requirements or this power would trigger kinda every time we battle. This Zone mode will turn a sticky situation into a prime opportunity, and can be carried over to the next battle. But careful, monsters can also enter this state.



Link Techniques

This “Link” comes in addition to the “Zone” battle system in Dragon Quest XI. When the protagonist and other characters are buffed by the Zone mode, they can join their powers and unleash combined techniques called “Link” techniques. In other words, it’s a multi-combo. And those attack combinations will depend on the party members chosen to trigger it, but also the spells and skills available. But careful again, monsters can also unleash Link techniques.

Interestingly, you’ll also be able to launch Link techniques with more than two party members. For example, when Silvia “Zone mode” and Protagonist “Zone mode” combine, she lights up your sword with fire. Camus and the Protagonist launch a “Falcon Dance”; Martina and Row launch a “Matou Enbu”; Silvia with Row and the Protagonist a “Rose Hurricane”. And if you manage to trigger a full-party Link technique, it’ll be a “Giga Burst”. Here are screenshots of these different techniques.

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