Super Mario Run: Mario Kart 8 and Switch statues are on the way

From April 28th to May 11th, Nintendo held a special event in Super Mario Run to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. During this Mega Event, players were asked to play as many Toad Rally as possible to unlock new “Deluxe” buildings and decorations. For every 10 Million goal, a new item was available. And good news: the even isn’t closed yet but players have already beaten the highest reward possible. So here’s the list of statues that will become available in Super Mario Run  starting May 12th:

  • 20 million Toad Rally played = Banana Statue
  • 30 million Toad Rally played = Blooper Statue
  • 40 million Toad Rally played = Mario Kart Statue
  • 50 million Toad Rally played = Switch Statue

This special Media Event was clearly a success, especially for Nintendo who was kinda looking into it to bring back players in the game. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that same kind of event back for future releases like ARMS or Splatoon 2.

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