NBA Playgrounds: online mode won’t be available at launch

Slated to launch on May 9th in North America & Europe, Saber Interactive’s arcade basketball revival NBA Playgrounds is probably one of the most anticipated games in next week’s Nintendo Switch eShop additions. Gather friends, some beers and pizzas and feel again the heat of the game nights when NBA Jam/Street were kings, that’s what we’re all waiting for. However, you’ll have to wait a little more to play with online friends, it’ll come a few days after launch.

Info comes from guys at NintendoLife, who expressed concerns to Saber Interactive regarding the online play not mentioned for Switch in the game’s official website. The developer answered and confirmed that NBA Playgrounds will have online play on Switch, but it’ll come a few days after launch via an update.

Here’s the full statement:

The online play for NBA Playgrounds Switch will *not* be available at launch – it will arrive a few days after launch via an update. Once this update comes out, the Switch version will have the exact same functionality as the PC, PS4, and Xbox One version – this means you can connect with people online and play against them 1v1, and there are online leaderboards. However online tournaments will not be up and running at launch for any platforms, this functionality will come at a later date via an update. We’ll share details on timing for the online tournaments as soon as we get it.


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