Zelda BotW: Bill Trinen on how cooking was added to the franchise

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a major turn in the series for all its obvious differences (ex. full open-world, shrines and beasts instead of dungeons) but also for its details. Among those is the cooking mechanics, introducing crafting for the first time in the series, but with a Nintendo twist.

Today, the Nintendo Treehouse Log received an update, to precisely talk about that. In this new editorial piece called “Now You’re Cooking with Power“, Bill Trinen (Senior Product Marketing Manager of NoA) goes back in 2004, when for him Eiji Aonuma made a transition in the franchise by coming up with the envy of implementing the theme of cooking in a Zelda game. He also speaks on how he first experienced this new possibility in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Here’s an excerpt, read the full story here.


The very first time I played through the Great Plateau, I came across apples and mushrooms fairly early on in my wanderings. Of course, I collected them (I do love mushrooms!), and to a certain degree it seemed fairly straightforward that they would serve as food. But soon I was collecting acorns, herbs, raw meat, and spicy peppers, and when I found the old man at his cabin and started combining ingredients, I remembered Aonuma-san’s presentation and realized he finally achieved his goal of making a game about cooking.

Nate had made it out to the beach, where he found some crab and a campfire with a pot at sunset. Feeling very pleased with himself, he threw some crab in the pot with some spicy peppers, only to find out crab wasn’t used for food recipes – it was for elixirs! This happened to fit perfectly with my own personal description of crustaceans as being “the insects of the sea,” but as an east coaster who grew up on crab, Nate wasn’t having it. He contacted Fujibayashi-san that night and began passionately explaining to the development team how much people like to eat crab, begging him to add crab dishes to the menu.

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