Puzzle co-op game Death Squared confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Australian indie SMG Studio has already shown interest in Nintendo’s new system, and it’s now been confirmed with the development of a Switch port of the die-and-retry-ish puzzle co-op title Death Squared.

In Death Squared, players team up as coloured boxes (yep that’s right) to solve mind-bending puzzles and avoid death traps. In other words, it’s the kind of games that makes you want to kill all your friends but assures you hours of fun. And to offer an even better experience on Switch, this upcoming version will have exclusive new stages. Take a look below at the trailer.

Death Squared will launch sometime around Q2 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Grab a Joy-Con and lead the game’s cuboid comrades through treacherous test chambers. With up to four players, guide the group to safety in increasingly-complex puzzles where one false step can trigger traps capable of sending the whole team to the big scrapyard in the sky.

To escape each new challenge, every robot must be escorted to color-coded destinations. Along the way, players will encounter hidden hazards, including spikes, lasers and other deadly devices, that can send the whole squad back to square one. However, with a little help from instant respawns, parties can put newly-gained knowledge of these obstacles to quick use.

The key to success in Death Squared lies in communication and cooperation. Players will learn to work together and utilize trial and error to overcome new and exciting challenges.

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