ARMS fighters will have four unlockable alternate costumes

Over the last few days, the Japanese ARMS Twitter account shared waves of triple content featuring an alternate costume for a specific fighter (Ribbon Girl / Sparky / LabMechanica / Revolver / Lab, Min Min / Dragon / Lab). And at last week-end’s Niconico Chokaigi event, players discovered second versions of alternate costumes for several fighters. This made us wonder exactly how many of those secondary outfits would be unlockable in the game.

Well, thanks to a tweet shared by the ARMS Twitter, we now have our answer: four alternate costumes will be available for each fighter. This was shown with Helix, who’ll have a different “blob” colour for each new costume. The official account also shared a short gameplay video featuring the character’s signature weapon: the “Gelu Gelu” (Gel Gel?).

ARMS will release on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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