Zelda BotW Update 1.2.0 adds possibility to change audio language

Today is a great day for Zelda fans! In addition to the full details covering the upcoming “Master Trials” DLC pack, Nintendo deployed this morning the Zelda BotW Update 1.2.0 for Switch and Wii U.

Since pre-launch of the game, Nintendo announced that every region would get its own voice localisation, leaving a lot of players hoping for the possibility to change one day the audio language. That day has come. Thanks to the Zelda BotW update 1.2.0, you have the possibility to change the voices into one of the following: Japanese, English, French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, and Russian.

Changing the voice language won’t change the on-screen texts. If you want that one to be in a specific language, you’ll need to change your language in the Switch’s system settings. Note that on Wii U, you’ll need to download a Voice Pack from the Nintendo eShop to have access to the new feature.

As usual, the update 1.2.0 also brings “various fixes to improve the gameplay experience” according to patch notes.

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