LEGO City Undercover gets Update 1.0.2 on Switch

Developper TT Games gave us the nice surprise to port the great GTA-like LEGO City Undercover in the early days of the Nintendo Switch, but alas not without fixing the main flaws that we knew from the Wii U version. Sure, the overall graphics have been improved, load times as well. But the experience is still stained with bugs and frequent frame rate drops, especially in the newly implemented multiplayer mode.

To hopefully address some of these problems, TT Games deployed the Update 1.0.2. The studio hasn’t shared patch notes so we can just assume the changes from another game session. And so far, we’re sorry to say that the frame rate issues are still annoyingly present. Where last update brought back the Nintendo easter eggs ingame, this one must therefore have minor bug/text fixes, or brick fixes… (sorry).

The Update 1.0.2 should download and install automatically on your system. If not, you can do an manual update by going in the Options menu and selecting Software Update > Via the Internet. Once that done, you should see “Version 1.0.2” on the title screen of LEGO City Undercover.




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