Project Mekuru renamed Battle Sports Mekuru with a trailer

Presented under the name “Project Mekuru” during a panel at GDC 2017, Japanese indie developer Over Fence’s next game can now be fully designated as “Battle Sports Mekuru”. So far, we’ve only been introduced to the main concept of this multiplayer competitive game: four players battle in a tile-paved arena, each one having the goal of covering as much terrain as possible with your their own colour. To do so, they’ll have a range of attacks (ex. Mario-style Ground Pound) and special items at disposal in the arena.

Since a video is always more explicative than a bunch of text, here’s a new trailer shared by Over Fence. The studio also teased more upcoming informations on their party game, to be expected on May 8th.

Battle Sports Mekuru is planned for early summer in Japan for Nintendo Switch.

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