ARMS: New character Helix joins the fight

During the last days, the Japanese ARMS Twitter account has been sharing triple “packs” of informations on alternate costumes and weapons, with each time a focus on the Lab Arena (Ribbon Girl / Sparky / LabMechanica / Revolver / Lab, Min Min / Dragon / Lab). We really wondered why only one arena was featured in these highlights while different characters and weapons were shown. Well, it looks like the ARMS official account was somehow teasing us for this reveal: a new fighter called Helix.

Born in the test tubes of the ARMS Laboratories, Helix is a genetic green “blob” that can shrink and stretch at will with his elastic body. His design is clearly inspired by DNA strands (i.e. his name in Japanese can be translated to “DNA Man”), and his signature weapons are literally DNA double-strands with a big ball at each end. The Japanese ARMS Twitter account shared a presentation video along with an artwork for this new fighter.

ARMS releases on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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