Fire Emblem Heroes: Hero Fest launched to celebrate Japanese Golden Week

Fire Emblem Heroes received a new update to mark the launch of a special event in celebration of the Golden Week in Japan: the Hero Fest! Starting today and until May 8th, this event includes several bonus to encourage daily login and battle, along with a new Summoning focus with higher 5-star apparition rate (5% instead of 3%). There’s also an Omikuji (translated “fortune telling”) feature in Japan only, that invite players to visit this official Japanese website and work together towards a global goal to get Orbs/Feathers.

  • Special daily login: +2 Orbs
  • Double SP in Battle
  • Summoning Focus: Hector, Takumi, Azura & Ryoma
  • Omikuji: Receive up to 5 Orbs / 3,000 Feathers

Fire Emblem Heroes - Hero Fest 2


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