LEGO Ideas website adds fan-made Zelda Breath of the Wild set

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Minecraft, Batman… LEGO wouldn’t be the major toy company that we know now if it wasn’t for all its partnerships with strong franchises. To keep fans happy with original toy sets based on new franchises, the brand came up with the LEGO Ideas website, a place where builders submit ideas of sets to the community in the hope it hits the shelves one day. Most of the latest brand’s products were born from that initiative (ex. Dr Who, Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Big Bang Theory), and today we might see the birth of a LEGO Zelda Breath of the Wild set.

Submitted by fan and builder Jacob Mohler, the LEGO Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild project is off to a good start, with already 100+ supporters and 422 days left to reach the 10K milestone. If achieved, it will go forth for approval by the official LEGO builders team and, hopefully, distribution in stores.

My set is 281 bricks and includes three minifigures: the legendary hero, Link, the wise heroine, Zelda, and the benevolent King Rhoam (as well as a noble steed to tame!).  The kit is made of five models, the Guardian ruins, Malice protecting a treasure chest, a log and cooking pot, and fully posable Stone Talus and Guardian figures. These varied models give the possibility to recreate gameplay familiar to Zelda fans new and old.  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is critically acclaimed and beloved to many, and I truly believe it deserves to be immortalized as a Lego set.  It is dangerous to go alone, but with your vote, we can make Lego Zelda a reality!

Of course, it’s not the first LEGO Zelda to appear on the LEGO Ideas website. So far the only one that reunites enough support to become a real LEGO pack is “The Legend of Zelda Project“. Opened in 2012, the project met its 10K goal in a flash and is now waiting for approval. The hardest thing now is to have the trademark granted from Nintendo.

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