ARMS makes the cover of next EDGE Magazine

For its June issue, EDGE magazine slips on the boxing gloves for a fighting showdown. After granting fans with a beautiful double cover of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with an extensive special feature in issue #304, next month’s EDGE will once again put the highlight on a first-party Nintendo game: ARMS.

The #306 issue, out since this morning, displays a close-up of Spring Man ready to strike a devastating punch, with the caption “Nintendo’s stunning new fighting game lands the killer blow for Switch“. As usual, if you’re a subscriber of the EDGE magazine, you can enjoy a more flashy alternative cover art, showing Spring Man getting punched in the face. Here’s below an introduction to the special feature and the two covers.


Nintendo has never been one for hitching itself to bandwagons, of course. But the fighting game is a genre to which the company, with its flair for character design and immaculate game balance has always seemed perfectly suited. Yet when we think about fighting games, we do not readily think of the house of Mario. Nintendo may not have physically entered the fighting-game fray, but if Arms is any guide, it’s been sat ringside all along, watching and learning. You do not need first-hand experience of making something to have ideas about how to make it better, after all. Nintendo has proven that point already this year with Breath Of The Wild, in which it showed developers who crank out open world games year after year how it really should be done.

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