ARMS: Ribbon Girl alternate costume, Sparky weapon video & Lab arena screenshot

As we draw closer to ARMS’ release date, Nintendo shares more and more promotional content to keep the buzz high on its new colourful multiplayer fighting IP. Today, BigN shared screenshots focusing on new costumes and the Lab Arena, along with a short video featuring the Sparky weapon.

First, we get a glimpse of an alternate costume for Ribbon Girl, a dark-colored outfit with blue hair. It’s really more ninja-like and serious compared to the flashy red and blonde style she had when we discovered her. Ribbon Girl also has a pair of Slapamander weapons with an alternate red skin. We don’t have any info yet from Nintendo but maybe these new outfits/weapons grant special abilities to the fighter, just like in Splatoon.

Then, Nintendo gave us another look at the Lab Arena, a scientific complex already shown in the weapons showcase video shared in March. And last, ARMS’ Japanese Twitter account featured the Sparky weapon in a short video. Nothing new here, we already know its specificity: a punch than can deliver an electricity-charged stun blow.

ARMS releases on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

ARMS Lab Arena

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