Indie die and retry platformer 0000 confirmed for Switch

Indie developer Ratalakia Games (League of Evil) is about to give us hours and hours of nerve-racking game sessions with their upcoming hardcore platformer going under the original name of 0000. The game was up until now slated for a release only on Nintendo 3DS, but apparently the tremendous success of Nintendo’s latest hardware made them change their mind, put their Wii U support to an end and add their next creation to the Switch line up as well.

0000 is described as a “die and retry” hard 1-bit platformer filled with 100 handmade levels, where gameplay is strongly bonded to an immersive OST: “Leap and dodge to rhythmic, tense music inspired by a combination of 8-bit and modern electronic music. Levi Bond’s glitchy, dry-ice, energetic sounds come together to form a soundtrack to die, and die, and die for.”

Guys at Ratalakia Games also have plans to release other Nintendo Switch games in the weeks to come. We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know everything as soon as it comes to our ears!




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