Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap developer on how project came to life

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap in now out on Nintendo Switch and we can enjoy the revival of that good ol’ platformer franchise from the 80s. Developer Lizardcube follows the release of its game with a series of interviews to promote it. Yesterday, we shared an highlight on a Reddit AMA with Lizardcube and publisher DotEmu where they covered the possibility of a DLC, 3DS port and other interesting questions.

Today, it’s getting a little more personal with studio’s lead programmer, Omar Cornut, who speaks about the birth of the project, how he went from fan of the Wonder Boy series to developer of its remake on Nintendo Switch. Other topics were discussed, you can read the full interview on Siliconera.

I’ve been tackling emulation of the Master System since 1999, and was always involved with hacking and reverse engineering games of this era. So, I built up that knowledge over time. A few years ago, I decided to use my spare time to start studying the code of the original game ROM. My desire, at the time, was to unearth unknown secrets. It is a game with lots of subtle secrets and behaviors. Players found and published lots of them, but nobody was quite sure that we had found everything. So, I started researching that from a low-level perspective, and eventually I understood enough about the game engine to consider making a remake from the angle of being extra faithful to it.

In 2014, I left my job at Media Molecule, and with that spare time I toyed around with loading data from the old game into a new engine. This was when I got in contact with Ben, who I had worked with years ago on Soul Bubbles (DS). I knew he was a fan of the series, and together we started experimenting with prototyping what a new version could be, and finding the right art style for it. Michael Geyre also joined us early, and he experimented with recreating the soundtrack.


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