Monster Hunter Stories: 6 new amiibo possibly coming to the West

During last Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced that the 3DS spin-off RPG Monster Hunter Stories is currently going under localisation to come in North America and Europe this Fall. And while Japanese players can already enjoy 6 exclusive amiibo figures with the game, nothing has been said about those coming to the west. But all hope is not lost, Capcom might have spilled the beans on a probable release for us without even knowing it.

The western version of Monster Hunter Stories’ official boxart (see below) shows a little amiibo logo in the top-right corner. And we already know from Capcom that only the 6 MH:Stories amiibo are compatible with the game. So it not far fetched to assume that they’ll announce this new series to hit the shelves along the game this year.

We’ll keep our eyes open, should there be anything officially confirmed you’ll be in the first to know!



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