PC games streaming might come to Nintendo Switch

As some of you may know, the Nintendo Switch uses a Tegra X1. This processor manufactured by Nvidia ties Nintendo’s hardware to the family of processors that also powered the original Shield, a gaming system based on Nvidia’s GameStream suite that allowed PC streaming to the portable. You see where we’re going, what if PC games could stream to the Switch… well it’s apparently something totally plausible and even about to be done.

The team behind Borderless Gaming is currently undergoing development of an app called “Rainway” which has one simple goal: stream PC games to your web browser, smartphone, Xbox One aaaaaand Nintendo Switch. It will work through Wi-Fi, sending games at 60FPS, and will work as soon as you have a GPU that supports DirectX11. Of course there’s still a long way to go.

Developers of Rainway didn’t specify if they’ve had the approval of Nintendo – which is certainly the hardest part of this project – but they aim to release it on the Nintendo eShop in the weeks to come. A beta is launching next month so we’ll have more news pretty soon.



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