Super Bomberman R gets free DLC on Switch

Konami brings new maps, items and tech updates

Konami released this morning the update v1.3 for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch, that brings a bunch of technical changes and a totally free DLC pack of content. The latter includes new maps for the Battle Mode, and new items to unlock with gems. Additional content is planned later on to add new characters (ex. Vic Viper Bomber from Gradius, Belmont Bomber from Castlevania, et Pyramid Head Bomber from Silent Hill). Here’s the details: 

  • Update details: improved controls, difficulty adjustments, 60 FPS in Battle Mode, Change camera angle in Story Mode, minor bug fixes.
  • 4 new maps
    • Lagoon – Map with moving platforms to access high-level
    • White Cross – Map with slippery parts on the ground
    • Power Zone – Map where all players start with maximum fire power 
    • Speed Zone –Map where all players start with maximum speed
  • 2 new items: Crown, Bomb 


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