Pac-Man Maker trademark filled by Bandai Namco

Super Mario Maker gave ideas to Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has big plans for the future of Pac-Man and it looks like they might be tied to the story of another star of the video games industry, through Super Mario Maker. We’ve already had a first glimpse at what the yellow arcade hero would feel like in this kind of video game creation title (i.e. synching the Pac-Man amiibo in Super Mario Maker unlocks a Pac-Man costume and sound effects), but don’t expect to see more of him in the Nintendo game. Instead, he might have his own “PAC-MAN Maker”.

NeoGAF member FelipeMGM spotted yesterday a new trademark for “PAC-MAN Maker” filled by Bandai Namco on the EUIPO database, along with a trademark for Code Vein (a new action RPG developed by the team behind God Eater), and Storm Wings (new IP?). There’s no more information, so we don’t know what will come out of that. But since Bandai Namco is already supporting the Switch with Namco Museum, they could go even further with a new creation directly inspired from Nintendo’s success with Super Mario Maker.

Pac-Man Maker EUIPO Trademark


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