Nintendo could launch a SNES Classic Edition this year

Following last week’s confusing announcement from Nintendo to halt production of the NES Classic Edition worldwide, it seems that BigN could have bigger plans in expanding the product line of retro systems. According to Eurogamer, sources close to Nintendo have confirmed that the Kyoto-based company is working on the comeback of another beloved device, in the shape of a SNES Classic Edition (or Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System if we follow the correct full branding). Development is apparently already underway, and the system is scheduled to launch in time for Christmas this year.

While this is all but a rumour for now, the introduction of a SNES Classic Edition would make perfect sense regarding the reasons for halting the production of the NES Classic Edition a few days ago. It would also be the perfect companion to grasp even more Nintendo fandom during the first Christmas sales period of the Switch. Let’s just hope that, if this SNES Classic Edition is indeed real and due to release by the end of this year, Nintendo will understand the demand and prevent stock shortages, thus avoiding greedy resellers to swoop in there and kill all the Christmas spirit.



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