Monster Hunter XX: the Detective Conan content is available in Japan

A new collaboration for the expanded Monster Hunter Double-Cross

Capcom continues to expand the many, many collaborations for their latest expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, called Monster Hunter XX (pronounced “Double-Cross”). Starting today, the Japanese players can enjoy a new pack of content inspired by Weekly Shonen Sunday’s manga series Detective Conan. New content that can be added to the Hunter X Hunter, Zelda, Okami and other collaborations that came out so far. So, what’s new in this pack? The translation hasn’t been made properly by Capcom so here’s what we understood:

  • “Detective Neko Series” outfit for Palico
  • “Suspect Series” outfit for Hunters (Shadow Person)
  • Quest “Detective Conan / Desert Arrest Play” (4 Stars)
  • Nyanta Quest (5 stars)



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