Minecraft Switch Edition: Wii U world transfers, map size, more infos

Minecraft Switch Edition was showcased during an official Microsoft live stream and developers revealed further informations on their upcoming title. Transfers from the Wii U Edition, size of the procedurally generated worlds, framerate, etc. Here’s a roundup of all the infos they’ve shared. We’ve also put the video of the stream below, that has some off-screen footage.

  • Minecraft Switch Edition will run at 60fps
  • Worlds will be “medium-sized”: 3072 x 3072. (i.e. Wii U is at 864 x 864, PS4/XboxOne at 5120 x 5120)
  • At release, the game will be on par with the January Update + Super Mario Mash-Up Pack included
  • Updates released in other versions since January will be implemented after release
  • Wii U to Switch world transfers is something they are working on but not at launch


Minecraft Switch Edition will release on May 11th.



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