Layton’s Mystery Journey: updated trailer for 3DS, iOS and Android

Time for the new generation to investigate the streets of London

During the last Nintendo Direct, the seventh main instalment in Level-5’s detective franchise Pr.Layton has been renamed “Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy”. And to make sure that everyone got it right, an updated version of the trailer has been published. There’s not much new with this video, but it’s always nice to have another look at the animated cutscenes produced by A-1 Pictures.

As a reminder, Layton’s Mystery Journey marks a new stage in the franchise by introducing Katrielle Layton, the Professor’s daughter, as the main protagonist. She’ll embark on a journey in the streets of London with her talking dog Sharo, to find her missing father. Of course, a Layton game wouldn’t be such if it wasn’t filled with mysteries and puzzles along the way!


Layton’s Mystery Journey will release for 3DS (Japan only) and iOS/Android (worldwide) on July 20th.

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